Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about NAS Payments

How does sending a NAS payment work?

Sending NAS payments is a simple three step process:

1. Make Deposit

Specify recipients email address or local mobile number, and deposit NAS into our smart contract using the NAS Payments website.

2. Recipient Notified

Recipient is notified about the payment and is given instructions on how to easily create a wallet and accept the payment.

3. Recipient Accepts

Recipient follows provided instructions and accepts payment.

What happens if someone does not accept my payment?

Payments which have not been accepted for over 30 days will automatically expire and will be returned to the sender.

How do I cancel a NAS payment after it has been sent?

Payments can be cancelled from inside your NAS Payments account. From there you can find the payment you wish to cancel in your transaction list and if its cancellable there will be a link available to cancel the payment.

Payments which have already been accepted by the recipient can not be cancelled.

Are there any fees for using the NAS Payments service?

NAS payments and requests sent through email are free, and NAS payments and requests to mobile numbers have a cost of 0.1 NAS which helps cover wireless carrier fees for sending the SMS messages.

What happens if I send a NAS Payment to the wrong email address / mobile number?

Included in all NAS payments is a security question that is set by the sender which acts as a additional security measure to ensure that only the intended recipient can accept the NAS payment. The question is something that only the intended recipient can answer.

What system limits are in place for the NAS payments service?

A number of limitations are imposed on the system in order to increase security and to stop the chances of abuse.

Minimum payment: 0.0001 NAS

To prevent loss of funds in case of a security breach, all funds are always stored safely on the blockchain in a smart contract and are never held in any wallets owned by NAS Payments website.

This website is not connected and is independant from the part of the application that interacts with the Nebulas ledger.